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HealthyKids clipartCold and Flu message from Mrs. Brickley and Nurse Doehleman:

downlonad DOH Influenza Letter to Parents


MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL: Whenever possible, medications should be administered to your child at home. If your child needs to take medications of any kind (including cough drops) during the school day, please request the appropriate medication administration paperwork from the school nurse. School board policy requires medications to be kept in the clinic, not in a student’s backpack. An exception to this would be an inhaler that both the parent/guardian and physician would allow the student to “self-medicate”. There is also paperwork that must be filled out and signed by the parent/guardian and physician. Medication must be brought to school by a parent/guardian. If the student will be taking pills, they will be counted and both the parent/guardian and the nurse and both will initial the medication administration card. If you plan to have medication at school, please leave it at school. Ask the doctor for a prescription for home and school. Also make sure the prescription bottle has the time medication needs to be administered.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: Medications prescribed by a doctor/dentist must be in the original container. The pharmacy label is the doctor’s order for the medication. Therefor it must state the time of medication administration while at school.

OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS: Any medication bought at the store to help relieve a symptom must be brought to school in the original package. An ORANGE medication administration card must be filled out and signed by the parent and doctor. We need the doctor’s ok to administer ANY medication. The doctor may fax (724-1426) a note with the name of the medication, the reason for giving this medication, when to give it and how much to give your child. This will be attached to the orange card. An adult must bring in the medication and initial/sign the card.

PICKING UP MEDCATIONS AT THE END OF THE YEAR: All medications and supplies must be picked up at the end of the school year. These items must be signed out by a parent or guardian. They will not be sent home with the student on the last day of school. If not picked up they will be disposed of according to the Pinellas County School Board Policy.

SICK STUDENTS: Please make sure that we have current phone numbers (home, cell and work) on ALL information cards that are sent home the first day of school. These numbers are very important in case of illness or injury/emergency. Please remember to update them whenever you change employment or get a new number. You will not be called every time your child comes to the clinic, but you will be called if your child is sick enough to go home or if there is an injury that you need to be aware of. Clinic space is limited and is closed at specific times during the day to protect the privacy of students that require special procedures. With that being said, we need to be able to reach you easily as well as have you pick up your child in a timely fashion once you are notified. If your child tells you they don’t feel good in the morning, please take them seriously and not have them “try to make it through the day”. This will help keep germs to a minimum here at school. Because it is not always possible to stay home with your sick child you do have the option to take your child to Rainbow Recovery. This is a “sick child care” program sponsored by Morton Plant Mease Health Care. It is a wonderful option when you cannot miss work. For information and reservations please call 441-2878.

BORROWED CLOTHES: Many children throughout the day come to the clinic to borrow clothes because of an accident, spilling lunch on their clothes or dress code issues. We have a very limited supply of clothes for these situations. Please be thoughtful to wash and return the borrowed clothes promptly. The clinic also accepts donations of clothing, new underwear and socks.

Thank you for your help and assistance in making sure the clinic runs smoothly.
Stephanie Doehleman, RN
School Nurse
Curlew Creek Elementary School
(727)724-1423 x2110

Health Screenings for Students
The Pinellas County School District, in accordance with Florida State Statutes (s.381.0056(6)(e), FS, provides health services and screening for students in the public schools.  The services may include medication administration (in accordance with district policy), and first aid for illness or injury.  The screenings may include, vision, hearing, BMI (Body mass index – height and weight), scoliosis (gr 6 only), and any appropriate follow-up.  If you do not want your child to participate in any of these services and/or screenings and be exempted, please notify your school/school nurse in writing.


For any questions regarding nursing services, please contact School Health Services at 727-588-6320.